Fiona Banner
Full Stop

The cover art for this issue was taken from Fiona Banner’s 2020 project, Full Stop, an intervention developed in collaboration with the environmental campaign group Greenpeace. The pandemic has made us more alert to the precariousness of nature, at a time when words like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ have been repeated to the point of diluting their urgency, this work is a message…

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Erica Baum
Piano Rolls

 “Like crude precursors of computer punch tape, piano rolls speak a peculiar machinic language of holes. Their perforations were the operating code of the player piano, each one positioned to trigger a note of particular pitch and duration, producing music without the need for a musician. In Erica Baum’s photographs, with their holes rendered as…

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David Bellingham:
Cigar Burn Apertures

Cigar Burn Apertures, David Bellingham, 2019 Dear David,Metzger is determined in his rejection of the commodification of art, a negation of the superficial objects of desire, the capitalist candy that fills the galleries and the dealers that push it: ‘You stinking fucking cigar smoking bastards and you scented fashionable cows who deal in works of…

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